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Chain link fences have a permanent place in our fence catalog. Why? Well because chain link fences are the best way to get a large amount of coverage at a reasonable price. It can be rolled up and transported more easily. This gives us, as the installer, more flexibility with pricing and the size of the job that we can accommodate.

If you are looking for a method to deter unwanted guests rather than outright block them then a chain link fence is going to be your best bet. They are flexible and wind resistant due to their design and are the perfect choice if you’re looking to put up a quick, efficient border around your yard to keep pets in.


We’ve all run up to a chain link fence and bounced off of it when we were kids, right? Chain link fences are flexible, literally and metaphorically speaking. If you need to enclose an area where there might be collisions and you want to reduce injury and damage to your fence, it is a perfect solution.

With plenty of giving when pressure is applied, and with the option to coat the fence with a protective layer, your fence will withstand bashes, crashes, bumps and smashes for years on end.


It is extremely versatile. It can be stretched over long distances with relative ease, compare to other varieties of fencing. Consider it if your project calls deals with long spanning distances, or areas that don’t need much privacy. Privacy is one attribute that chain link fencing doesn’t have, and for obvious reasons. However, what some of our customers don’t realize is that it can be outfitted with a semi-transparent covering.

You’ve probably seen this type of covering near tennis courts or swimming pools that have a chain link fence perimeter. This solution gives you some privacy, while still maintaining that low price point and time-efficient installation.

Cost Effective

We’ve talked about it already, but the cost is a huge benefit to selecting it over another variety of fence. The amount of material used is a fraction of what is used in wood, vinyl and other types of fencing. Most of the time aluminum is used, and aluminum is a very inexpensive metal, comparatively speaking of course.

While chain link fencing isn’t always the perfect choice, if you are working off of a tight budget, you may want to consider it as an alternative to going with no fence at all.


Let’s be honest, it isn’t the strongest type of fencing. We know that, and we make sure to let our customers who purchase chain link fences know that, as well. But it is a highly effective deterrent to crimes and criminal activity. Despite the potential to be clipped by bolt cutters or some other tool, when a would-be criminal or burglar sees just a simple chain link fence surrounding a building, storage unit, shed, etc., they think twice.

Sometimes, they make the right choice, simply because of the extra effort that would be needed to bypass your fence from San Antonio Fence Pros.

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