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Nothing screams defense and protection more than a metal fence. For centuries, beginning in years long since passed, metal fences have been used to fortify and protect. To this day, many of them are still standing, because of the sheer durability and strength. Wrought iron fencing is a classic style fence to compliment Gothic architecture. It tends to add an element of mystique and elegance to the area it encloses.

If iron or metal fencing compliments the look you are creating or the landscaping project that you’re working on, San Antonio Fence Pros can help you with picking out the right metal, for the right price.


Everyone knows that metal is tough, durable and long-lasting. What most people don’t know is that metal fencing is very accessible and that San Antonio Fence Pros can install it for you with ease. Why should you go with a metal or iron fence? Well, we’ve already mentioned its durability, but we haven’t mentioned the value that it will add to your property.

When the day comes where you starting looking for another property, and you put yours on the market, that metal fence San Antonio Fence Pros installed for you could be the difference between a sale or buyers that walk away.

Easy to Install?

We get a lot of questions about how easy metal fences are to install. We’ve been installing them for years and years, and to us, they’re no more difficult that another variety. We will handle the installation with ease, as we normally do, and you won’t have to worry yourself with the details or logistics that go along with it.

That’s what we’re here for, to facilitate your fence purchase and installation, and ultimately, give you peace of mind. Your project, whether it is a metal fence, a vinyl fence or a custom fence is in the right hands, if you go with San Antonio Fence Pros.


Metal fences are heavy, let’s face it. But metal fences being so heavy means that they are more difficult to move and more difficult to damage. They are dense, protective barriers that you should install if you are looking for the premium protection. Do you live or own a business or church near a roadway? Are you worried that an errant vehicle might come up on your property unexpectedly?

It happens all the time. We see it in the news daily. Don’t let a weaker or less protective fence let a freak occurrence cause unnecessary damage to what you hold dear. Go with a sturdy metal fence from San Antonio Fence Pros and rest easy, knowing that you’re protected.


A wrought iron fence is all about style. To put up a fence made out of synthetic material around a Gothic cathedral would almost be a crime. On the other hand, to put up a 6-foot high wrought iron fence with a driveway gate around a 1-story rancher in the suburbs would be just as bad.

Metal and iron fencing requires the right place, the right time and we will guide you toward making the right project choice. Leave it to the team at San Antonio Fence Pros to help you achieve the style you are looking for.

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