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Vinyl fencing is the most talked about fencing in the business today. Why? Well because vinyl fencing has made leaps and bounds over the past few decades. It isn’t just molded plastics, blended together and pressed into smooth, boring shapes. No, not anymore. Vinyl fencing is now extruded and pulled and stretched to actually recreate the grain patterns and the structure of real wood.

It is an incredible process, and we at San Antonio Fence Pros can set you up with some premium vinyl fencing that your neighbors will want to get a better look at.


Other types of fences are susceptible to rust, mold, and rot. Vinyl soars above those common issues and tops all of the charts in longevity. Vinyl fences take the one negative side to plastic based products and turn it into an advantage for you. Plastics don’t decompose or break down easily and because vinyl is plastic based, your fence won’t break down either.

Make the best of it in your San Antonio outdoor spaces. You already use it for your lawn chairs, siding, awnings, planters, rakes, and more. Why not use it where it makes sense the most?


One of the main reasons our customers go with vinyl is a simple fact that it is incredibly easy to clean. Most of our San Antonio customers have a lightly pressurized hose or a power washer and can clean their entire fence in hours or less. Try doing that with a wood or metal fence!

You’d end up stripping the paint, exposing rusty metal spots or inadvertently weathering your boards with cleaning products. Save yourself the hassle of several weekends of work and frustration, and go with the easy to clean option, vinyl.

Insects and Pests

Termites love wooden fences. You won’t know what happened until you look out in your San Antonio yard and you see one of your San Antonio fence boards tipped over or broken completely in half. Termites are the silent threat to outdoor wood structures, fences included. Porcupines also love getting their chompers on wood and will eat your fencing from the bottom up. This is where vinyl comes in.

Termites, porcupines and other pests don’t want anything to do with vinyl. So if you live in an area where you have to worry about local critters damaging your property, take a vinyl fence for a spin. Call us San Antonio Fence Pro today to find out more!

Environmentally Conscious

The obvious benefit to using a vinyl fence over a wooden fence is, of course, the environment. Now, this isn’t a direct benefit, but more of a long-term, peace of mind benefit. We all try to our part by keeping the environmental balance steady, and by offering a wide selection of fencing types and varieties, we help cut down on deforesting. If “help the environment” is on your to-do list, right alongside “build a new fence”, you should absolutely consider the benefits of going vinyl.

Talk to a sales representative at San Antonio Fence Pros today, and see how we can help you do your part and set your yard up with a sustainably sourced fence that will last for years to come.

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