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As fellow Texans, we know that our farmers, ranchers, herders, and livestock tenders are in need of solid and dependable wire and ranch-style fencing day in and day out. We are there for our local cowboys, and one call will get you quality advice and a reasonable quote to secure your most important two and four-legged investments.

Don’t wait until your animals escape or trample down your existing fence. You don’t want that headache any more than we would. Instead, take advantage of the contact form on this page and let us know how we can help.

Wire Fencing

This is a staple for raising and containing livestock. The wire is a perfect material for keeping your animals in and keeping predators and unwanted visitors out. No animal will be able to chew or claw its way through our premium braided wire fencing.

The next time you find yourself struggling with coyotes, wolves, foxes or other local predators, give us a call and we can set you up with a classic and dependable wire enclosure that will stop those critters in their tracks.

Ranch Fencing

Wire fencing alone isn’t enough for today’s rancher. Any rancher knows that wire won’t keep cattle, horses, bison or other large domesticated animals at bay for long. Once they get spooked, you’re looking tons of weight barreling down at your fence. Don’t risk it, get yourself a sturdy ranch fence. Using the stronger wood we can, we’ll put together a classic fence for you that will not only keep your livestock where you want them but prevent them from escaping if they get frightened.

Our ranch is also incredibly stylish. Take a look at some of our selections and you’ll see for yourself what we mean. High-quality wood, stained to your liking or natural, is what we’ll use. When you start with a high-quality product and you have trained installers, what you end up with is a high-quality result. We guarantee high-quality results.

Ranch Living

We can relate to our friends on the ranch, most of us have friends or family that live the same lifestyle. That’s why when you contact us, you’re getting first or secondhand knowledge of what a rancher needs, as far as fences go. We’ve been in the business for years, helping ranchers across Texas secure their most precious commodity and they are always grateful when we’re done an installation.

You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve heard, “Now I can sleep at night” after we pack up our tools. Peace of mind isn’t something that usually comes this cheap, so take advantage and call us today.

Animal Enclosures

Cages are cruel, in our opinion, and they shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary. Its proven that animals that roam free are healthier and happier. Happy animals typically produce better quality products. With a free-range wire or ranch fencing set up, happy animals aren’t all you’ll have. You’ll have some extra cash in your pocket, less anxiety, less cleanup, and stylish new addition to your property.

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